Child Clothing Closets

For close to 40 years the Junior League of the Emerald Coast has provided clothing to children in need throughout our community. In January of 2016, we expanded our annual Child Clothing Project in order to reach children year round. By operating Child Clothing Closets in schools and nonprofits throughout Okaloosa and Walton Counties, we are able to give children access to appropriate clothing as they need it.

The goal behind these closets is to provide the schools and nonprofits with resources to help ensure that children are able to wear school appropriate, clean, well fitted clothing. We want to provide schools with resources to ensure that a child’s clothing does not hinder their ability to develop a positive self-image or to disrupt their ability to pay attention and learn in their everyday environments.

These closets allow children an opportunity to take items from the closet in their school for immediate clothing needs to include; socks, underwear, belts, shoes, school uniform items, and winter coats. The children will keep these items and can reuse them as needed- they will not be asked to return the items to the closet.

For more information on how you can support the Child Clothing Closets, please email, or download our sponsorship packet HERE.

Thank you to our Sponsors: