Not Just Any Volunteer

I must start by saying thank you to the members of Junior League of the Emerald Coast (JLEC) for entrusting this amazing organization to me. I am honored to represent JLEC as their 2018-20 President. What started out as a possibility for me to make new friends quickly developed into my WHY. JLEC's mission to develop the potential of women, promote volunteerism, and impact our community has allowed me to showcase talents, pinpoint a passion, develop skillsets, and stake claim on a set of values to live by, thus developing my WHY.
The Emerald Coast is a unique place to live and serve. We are known for our white sand beaches, emerald blue coastline, and patriotic residents as we are surrounded by Air Force, Army, and Navy bases. Judging from our postcards, you would never identify our community as one in need, but the rising number of families in our community that go without the basic necessities is astounding.
It is truly a magical time to be a member of JLEC for we all have the same purpose and mission which is to have a hunger to become the best version of ourselves so in turn we can make our community the best it can be.
To our community, please know that the members of Junior League of the Emerald Coast are dedicated to being community builders and advocating for those who may not be able to advocate for themselves. Our growing hearts have strengthened our hands and we are ready to work.
To our founding and sustaining members, I have confidence that our dreams and efforts honor your work and the path you've paved so that we can secure a seat at the table.
To our current membership, it is women like you who truly feed my soul and I ask that you take advantage of the many opportunities that JLEC offers so that you might be so lucky to find your WHY. 
To our future members, I am convinced we have much to be proud of but also claim that we are only at the threshold of what we have the potential to accomplish. I hope you will join our organization with the desire to embrace and enhance those same dreams.
To our board members, I ask for your patience as I dream big and don't always know how; however, I know together, we will.
As your President, I am overwhelmingly enthusiastic about what The Junior League stands for and am eager to help others find their Why. If you know your WHY, the HOW will come.
Katie Fuentes
JLEC President 2018-2020