State Public Affairs Committee

For nearly 40 years, the Junior Leagues of Florida State Public Affairs Committee (SPAC) has been the proud advocacy arm of the Junior Leagues of Florida.

The Junior League of the Emerald Coast’s SPAC committee, in coordination with the 24 other leagues throughout Florida, monitors legislation and advocates before the Florida Legislature on issue of importance to our members. Issues such as human trafficking, child abuse, domestic violence, juvenile justice, foster care, and education. Each member sends delegates to attend meetings and conferences throughout the year to research and debate issues that the particular Junior League views as unmet or unaddressed needs in their communities.

What makes our advocacy activities unique? As Junior League members, we are recognized in our communities as non-profit leaders who have knowledge of issues that impact the children and families we serve. We have the opportunity to identify needs we encounter while volunteering and respond by proposing legislation or policy changes to address those needs. We provide a powerful and influential voice for issues and citizens who otherwise don’t have an advocate.