JLEC Board of Directors


Our League operates under a Governing Board and a separate Management Team.  Our President, President Elect, and VP of Finance all serve two year terms while our VP’s serve a 1 year term. Candidates are nominated by our general membership, slated by our Nominating committee after an interview process, and then voted on by our general membership.


Governing Board:

  • President: Hilary DeMers
  • President-Elect: Waverly Garnand
  • Vice President-Finance: Jamie Grimes
  • Vice President-Membership & Retention: Robbie Truax
  • Sustainer Representative: Elizabeth Daters
  • Most Recent Past President: Kathryn Egan
  • Nominating Chair: Samantha Bollhalter


Management Team:

  • President-Elect: Waverly Garnand
  • Vice President-Elect Finance: Angela Williams
  • Vice President-Communications: Sarah Babb
  • Vice President-Community Affairs: Lacy Pate
  • Vice President-Funds Development: Meredith Jones
  • Vice President-Elect-Membership & Retention: Heidi Walters
  • Secretary: Anne Brinkmann